Topic: Wisconsin-Liberal Mania!

What have we learned from the Wisconsin fiasco?  Nothing new!  We always knew the liberals and unions were commies, and this just continues to prove our views correct.  They expect the rank and file of the private working class to pay for not only their health insurance, but to insure they all have a complete and worry free retirement.  Make sure they have plenty of money to while away their time, all the time raping the taxpayers without so much as even a thank you!  The "elite" deserve our unlimited contributions to their wellbeing, or so they think!  My take on this?  Well gather 'round and learn what should be done to reward these pillars of public servants.  First, all teachers should be fired for partaking in an unlawful strike.  School should be halted until April 1st, 2011.  The call should go out country wide for the hiring of new teachers, with no union affiliation.  School then should be made up during the summer until all required days are completed.  As for the Democratic congressmen that ran away and hid like a bunch of mischievous schoolboys, they should be immediately recalled, dismissed from the hallowed halls of congress and special elections should be held to replace all of them.  We need to hold these people accountable and take our country back from the ones that would destroy it for their own personal gain.