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What a wonderful story about the boy with the flag.  I'm proud of him for standing up for what is right and for knowing that he has the freedom to do so.  I was glad to see such overwhelming support for him. 

It's sad that schools are making such insane policies across this country.  Students are no longer taught the pledge let alone the history of men dying just to keep our flag flying.

Why is it ok for democratic President Obama to push for corporate tax cuts, but when republicans do it, they are classified as "evil" and it's touted as just corporate welfare?

I suppose the media has their gleaming reputation to uphold and so they don't dare report all of the damning evidence that plagues this administration.  They fought to defend his character, so now they feel they have to stand by it.

I wonder if the rest of the country will ever wake up?  How many young people today do you think even know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?  I think the naivety and ignorance of a growing number of our population will be the downfall of the country.  It’s the lack of knowledge and understanding that has gotten us these incredibly unqualified leaders. 

Sadly, Obama, Reid and Pelosi can misspeak any time they want, and an increasing segment of our voters won’t catch it because the citizens themselves are so misinformed.


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All of these things were first provided by private enterprise, not government.

In fact, let's analyze these claims a bit more:

With new "Cap & Trade" policies, energy prices will be forced to increase, not because of less supply or greater demand, rather because government says our need for electricity is "evil."

The clean water provided by local municipalities is apparently not good enough for the millions of people who purchase bottled water when they go to work, and use after market  in-home water filtration and/or purification systems to improve their drinking water.

The National Weather Service forecasts don’t seem to have improved accuracy with all the billions of dollars and gamut of toys they have to work with. 

Last I checked the Sun, moon and stars had more to do with keeping time than did any government agency.

The NHTSA took a gasoline powered compact car in the 1990’s that averaged over 50 MPG and forced changes to the vehicle which drove it’s mileage down by 30%. They then proceed to tell auto companies they aren’t doing enough to keep gas mileage high enough. 

The roads we drive on are built by private contractors and maintained by government employees and the ones in my area sure are falling apart.

Fuel quality has been tainted to the point where you can’t run a healthy small engine on standard ethanol based fuels without causing problems, and the EPA has made it nearly impossible to find regular non-oxygenated fuels for this purpose.

The US Postal Service has run in the red nearly every year since its inception and continuous rate hikes and cutting back on locations has not helped. 

I wouldn’t credit building codes for the fact that your house hasn’t burnt down so much as I would credit the fact that private industry created electricity and light bulbs so that you don’t need to use burning lamps and fireplaces for light and heat.  Ironic that electrical codes are updated every year because of an apparent problem with the previous system.  If it was good enough last year, why not this year?  It’s simply an endless cycle. 

Incidentally most electrical fires are not caused by wiring problems from knowledgeable professionals, but rather from the handymen in the good old days who thought they could do it themselves.

The Internet may have come about by the needs of the defense department, but is brought to you unfettered by the capitalists in the business sector. 

The lesson here is that government, while necessary, will always cost more and underperform the equivalent in the private sector.  The problem with health care is bureaucracy.  I don’t’ think more of the same will help – and now that we are seeing the increased costs starting to creep in, more and more people are waking up to its other flaws.


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Scott Brown was recently elected in a closely watched race to try and bring back some good old fashioned restoration to Washington.  Looks like he is not off to a good start.  http://www.BrownBrokeDown.com/